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InternationalThe mission of EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL is to operate the foremost equestrian training center on the West Coast specifically for the development of horses and riders that will successfully represent the United States at the highest levels of national and international competition.



InternationalEQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL presents an unparalleled opportunity to train and compete at the world-class level of equestrian sport and is distinguished by the following:

A Unique & Comprehensive Training Method
EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL has developed a prototypical system that combines the classical European methods of training with a modern multi-modal program of athletic preparation. This detail-oriented method augments the training sessions with an intensive introduction into concepts of equine anatomy, nutrition, breeding, horse care and rider fitness.

Top Local Competition Venues
Southern California offers riders year-round access to the best regional show jumping circuit in the world. Through its Orange County base of operations, EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL is able to incorporate into the competition schedule the top national horse shows in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, San Juan Capistrano and Del Mar.

An International Competition Schedule
At the “Gold” Level, horses and riders are provided the opportunity to compete at some of the world’s top competitions, from Calgary, Washington D.C. & Palm Beach in North America, to the most acclaimed events on the European circuit.

Superior Horse Availability
Throughout its 25 years of existence, EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL has developed an extensive network of international contacts devoted solely to the procurement of the best available horses in the world.



InternationalTraining (Rider)
In many ways, the education of young riders seeking to excel at the regional and national level is far more comprehensive than the training of the horses.
As a result, EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL has developed an extensive and fully integrated plan for the young rider. In addition to the regular training and coaching sessions, the curriculum includes the following:

Assessment – The introduction to the program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each rider’s strengths and weaknesses. This assessment of skills will become the cornerstone of that rider’s long-term strategic training program and will help determine their specific competition schedule.

Safety – Above all, the safety of the riders and staff is the top priority at EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL. Before riders start their training, they will be tutored in all facets of accident prevention. This instruction will include practical safety training in the barn area as well as on horseback.

Horse Care – Riders will be instructed in the basics of horse care including the fundamentals of anatomy, shoeing, nutrition and general equine health.

Fitness – A comprehensive fitness, strength, balance and flexibility enhancement program for the rider will be an integral part of the training regimen.

Education – A recommended reading list, including classical instructional books and a selection of videos, will be part of the curriculum. Also, participation in guest clinics (including those by U.S. Olympic Coach George Morris and four-time Dutch Olympic veteran Emil Hendrix) will be organized.

Auditing – The staff at EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL feels that learning by example is of primary importance. Studying current international stars in action will be encouraged, particularly through the auditing of specific live television broadcasts. In addition, the opportunity to watch and participate behind the scenes at select European competitions will be facilitated by EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL.

Teaching – One of the greatest tools for learning is the ability to analyze and teach other aspiring riders. Over the years, EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL has developed sponsoring relationships with local charitable riding organizations. For interested students, EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL will facilitate opportunities to help with the teaching of disadvantaged riders in these programs. In conjunction with Blenheim EquiSports, a limited number of working student positions may also become available during the regular show season and at future international events.

Website – Owners will be able to stay informed and current with every detail of their horse’s care and training progress through EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL’s proprietary website. Included on this website will be the daily schedule and training evaluations of each horse as well as recent shoeing and veterinary reports. In addition, this website will allow private parental access to the programs, schedules and monthly progress reports of their children.

Balance – While students will be expected to focus a great deal of their energies on their equestrian pursuits, they will be encouraged to maintain an appropriate balance in their lives. Family and educational activities will always have a higher priority than the recreational activities at the barn. Upon request, members of the staff will be available to serve in a liaison capacity with the student’s school in order to ensure that there are no sacrifices in the academic arena.

Training (Horse)
A select number of quality horses will be sought after for participation in the EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL training program. Priority will be given to horses that demonstrate unusual potential to compete at the highest levels of international competition. Prior to the start of the training program, Robert & Hillary Ridland will consult with the owners in order to devise a comprehensive long-term strategy that maximizes each horse’s natural ability. Horses at the advanced level will have the opportunity to train out of EQUI SPORTS INTERNATIONAL’s European base of operations in Baarlo, Holland.

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